Frequently asked questions

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions

What is a standard page?

Written translations are charged per standard pages. A standard page consists of 1500 characters with spaces. The total number of characters in a document should be divided by 1500 in order to get the number of standard pages in a text.

The smallest chargeable unit is 1 standard page. In other words, if the client orders only 1 page of a text consisting of 100 words, it will be charged as a full standard page. The number of standard pages is rounded up to the next whole number.

How much will my translation cost?

The price of a translation depends on several factors, such as the number of standard pages, deadline, text type, language pair, topic, translation type etc. The delivery term does not include the day of receipt of the text for translation, the day of the translation delivery or weekends and holidays.

To receive a free quote which includes the exact price and delivery term, please send the document to or simply upload it HERE.

Do I need a certified or a non-certified translation?

Certified translations are made by court-appointed interpreters who use their signature and seal to certify that the translation corresponds to the original. The translation is bound with the submitted original or a copy of the original. Certified translations are considered to be official documents in the Republic of Croatia and abroad, so the following documents usually need to be certified by a court interpreter: diplomas, passports, driver’s licenses, birth certificates, notarized documents, certificates and other personal as well as legal documents.

Non-certified translations do not include a seal or a signature, and they are not bound with the original.

We suggest you check which type of translation is required in the institution where you will submit the document (e.g. embassy, employer, university etc.).

How to order a written translation?

Upload your document on our website to receive a free, non-binding quote or send it to Diglossia guarantees confidentiality of business and trade secrets for all projects.

We inform you that the translation is completed and you can make payment.

Our team will send a notification that the translation is completed, so you could make the payment.

How to order interpreting services?

It is essential to notify the interpreter in a timely manner regarding the event where his or her services are needed. It is also very important to send any related materials in advance. Furthermore, the client should provide as much information as possible about the event, topic, location, participants, etc.

The total time spent with the client will be charged, i.e. from the interpreter’s arrival until the end of the event, regardless of the actual time spent interpreting. For one day of interpreting outside of interpreter’s place of residence, a minimum of 8 hours will be charged. In such cases, the client agrees to pay travel expenses, accommodation as well as meals. Feel free to contact us about our interpreting services at

What about proofreading?

We suggest you request proofreading whenever you can, but especially for texts intended for printing or circulation. The proofreading service is not included in the price of a translation. The company assumes no liability for complaints regarding texts which have not been proofread, but have been published in the media.

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