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Express your ideas in any European language by hiring our translators or court interpreters. Introduce yourself to clients, companies or future employers in more than 15 languages – the world is your oyster!


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Do you need translation services? Are you travelling abroad? Do you want to translate your website? Are you looking for a proofreader for your thesis? We are here to help! Diglossia translation company provides numerous high-quality linguistic services.

If you wish to receive a free, non-binding quote which will include the exact price and delivery term, please fill out our contact form, or call 00385 1 6701 555. We will contact you as soon as possible.


We have worked on various projects

The projects we have completed include a variety of services; from translations, localization, proofreading, desktop publishing (DTP) to subtitling. We translate expert texts in the fields of banking, marketing, IT, economy, law, finance, insurance, culture, oil industry, environmental protection and other industries for both individuals and companies.


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Legal translations require absolute precision and accuracy. Diglossia d.o.o. has always met such high service standards. We would like to emphasize that translated documents are always precise, both in terms of language formulations and legal terminology. They always pay special attention and exceed the expectations regarding translation quality.

Zuric and partners, law firm

Considering the type of work we do, precision, expertise and meticulousness are what we require, and Diglossia even exceeds our expectations. Thanks to their quality and accuracy, we will continue to use their services.

Sancta Domenica d.o.o.

In several years of cooperation with this company, translation or proofreading projects were never late, which is highly commendable. The company’s translation projects always meet all of our criteria.

HTP Korcula d.d.

Professionalism, precision and high quality of services, as well as promptness in performance, best describe Diglossia. Therefore, we are pleased to recommend this company for cooperation.

Zagrebacka banka d.d.

How to order translation



What is a standard page?

Written translations are charged per standard pages. A standard page consists of 1500 characters with spaces. The total number of characters in a document should be divided by 1500 in order to get the number of standard pages in a text.

The smallest chargeable unit is 1 standard page. In other words, if the client orders only 1 page of a text consisting of 100 words, it will be charged as a full standard page. The number of standard pages is rounded up to the next whole number.

How much will my translation cost?

The price of a translation depends on several factors, such as the number of standard pages, deadline, text type, language pair, topic, translation type etc. The delivery term does not include the day of receipt of the text for translation, the day of the translation delivery or weekends and holidays.

To receive a free quote which includes the exact price and delivery term, please send the document to or simply upload it HERE.

Do I need a certified or a non-certified translation?

Certified translations are made by court-appointed interpreters who use their signature and seal to certify that the translation corresponds to the original. The translation is bound with the submitted original or a copy of the original. Certified translations are considered to be official documents in the Republic of Croatia and abroad, so the following documents usually need to be certified by a court interpreter: diplomas, passports, driver’s licenses, birth certificates, notarized documents, certificates and other personal as well as legal documents.

Non-certified translations do not include a seal or a signature, and they are not bound with the original.

We suggest you check which type of translation is required in the institution where you will submit the document (e.g. embassy, employer, university etc.).

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