The quality of our translations is the result of qualifications, knowledge and experience of our team, which not only has the linguistic knowledge, but also understands the cultures at issue. Furthermore, our translators use various CAT tools (CAT – computer assisted translation), which ensure even quicker and better translations.

Additionally, we use different glossaries and dictionaries in our work, and we also consult experts in specific fields (lawyers, bankers, IT experts, etc.).

We believe that translation is a process of transmitting messages and ideas from a source language to a target language. Since languages are dynamic and variable, the context of a word is very important, and no one should ever translate “word for word”. Although translators are generally considered to be “walking dictionaries”, it is highly unlikely that they will immediately translate a word when asked to do so. Usually they will reply by asking: “In which context?” or “Could you give me the entire sentence?”. It’s a good thing they do that. Otherwise, it would mean they translate in the same way as Google Translate, and we are sure that is not the quality you expect.